About Us

Green Shelter started in 2016 with an objective to provide One Stop Solution for all Gardening related Products & Services using innovative processes & techniques to assist & encourage people to go green. We are focussing on providing the enablers which can help one in making his surroundings healthier & greener.
We want urbanites to rediscover nature and use it as a means for healthier living – cleaner air, less stress, organic food and a much more fulfilling life. We are doing this by making available a wide range of gardening products, know-how and services at your doorstep. Growing plants need not be difficult, and we are always there to help you select and nurture your greens.
As a team, we put great value on integrity, prompt customer service, quality and a shared desire to help people ‘Go Green’.

Wishing you a greener home!
Team Green Shelter

Why Choose Us?

Green Shelter encourages & assists individuals & corporates on plantation & usages of solar energy and provides end to end solutions for it.

Affordable Pricing - Don’t have time it to keep your garden looking nice or just need a new look. Talk to us and we will work within your budget to create a garden suited to your needs.

Garden Redesign - Every garden and property has its own unique requirements dictated by its natural components and what you like to achieve in your garden.

Our Experts - Our offered gardeners works in close coordination with clients and as per guidelines provided by them to keep a garden healthy, attractive and safe.

Go Green - Now grow variety of vegetables in your roof or balcony for daily. It is worldly wisdom that we should.

Our Objective

While we all know the importance of plantation & benefits of solar energy and its impact on the climatic change but in today’s fast life common people do not get time or resources for maintaining the in house garden or install the solar equipment. Green Shelter encourages & assists individuals & Corporates on plantation & usages of solar energy and provides end to end solutions for it. Our objective is to provide a service which helps individuals in contributing towards bringing the bigger change in saving mother earth.

Plants are the Best Gift You Can Give